To learn Chinese and speak Chinese —– Speak the first sentence

By | November 9, 2012

Spent a few days time, the standard pronunciation of consonants, vowels are sorted out, the pronunciation is talking, if it wants to learn Chinese, schooling the correct pronunciation, the correct pronunciation of others be able to understand, it is easy to communicate with others, here finishingare Mandarin pronunciation, not around the dialect.

I am finishing here are some actual things, not to organize various Chinese learning tutorial tutorial to learn more boring, since the doctrine of the Chinese, it is necessary to learn commonly used in practice to solve practical problems.

Here to tell you not to grammar, logic, only the most useful directly tell you directly speak Chinese.

Very easy to speak a few words, but unlike the native language, have been saying every day in practice, said that the Chinese will feel very laborious, and the Chinese and English pronunciation is completely different, a lot of people learning Chinese pronunciationalso in accordance with the English pronunciation to say, do it, we will send different accents.

Learning a language common way is to say more and more practice, but usually they do not have the people and their own practice, how to do? A method: practice! How to train? Repeat that! How to repeat? The spelling of a word, a word in accordance with the correct pronunciation down, and from slow to fast repeats until when can correct pronunciation blurted, then practice a day, whenever you have to keep repeating this, until several commonly used sentences and words can blurt out. This method is like childhood learning spoken every day in the repetition, the number of repetitions and more, will be able to blurt out.

Let’s learn a hello, world! Oh, no, this is to learn programming when writing a program, the doctrine of the Chinese, to learn: Hello!Friend!” 你好!朋友!” The corresponding Pinyin is: ” nǐ hǎo, péng yǒu! ” This sentence is to greet with familiar people can directly say: Hello! ” 你好!nǐ hǎo! ” , or: Good! ” 好! hǎo!” ; Some friend said I used too many video or audio files, but I mainly want you to speak Chinese, let everyone hear the standard pronunciation, how to know how to repeat it after and say? With video or audio must be fundamental.

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